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Books 1-12 out of 12
1.Atlantis Encyclopedia, TheJoseph, Frank4.043.991B 10.01.2009
2.Ayurveda Encyclopedia, The - Natural Secrets to Healing Prevention LongevityTirtha, Swami Sada Shiva26.910.328B 02.02.2009
3.Demonology Guide 369.309B 24.03.2009
4.Dictionary of Angels : Including the Fallen AngelsDavidson, Gustav22.816.294B 06.09.2012
5.Dictionary of occult hermetic alchemical sigils symbolsGettings, Fred30.797.223B 03.09.2007
6.Egyptian Mythology A to ZRemler, Pat8.965.627B 28.12.2012
7.Encyclopedia of AstrologyDeVore, Nicholas1.742.162B 02.02.2009
8.Encyclopedia of World Religions (Encyclopedia Britanica) 146.748.579B 31.03.2009
9.Lexicon PlotinianumSleeman, J. H., Pollet, Gilbert52.553.619B 21.08.2012
10.Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion, TheWerblowsky, R. J. Zwi, Wigoder, Geoffrey39.452.812B 22.03.2009
11.Secret Societies of All Ages and Countries, TheHeckethorn, Charles William17.879.603B 09.01.2009
12.Shamanism (Encyclopedia of World Beliefs, Practices and Culture)Walter, Mariko Namba (Ed.), Neumann Fridman, Eva Jane (Ed.)8.287.484B 02.02.2009
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