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Books 1-18 out of 18
1.Ayahuasca TourismStuart, R.307.879B 25.01.2008
2.Darkness Technology (Darkness Techniques for Enlightenment)Chia, Mantak1.261.831B 29.02.2008
3.Development of MediumshipWillis, Courtney985.414B 30.05.2008
4.Diary of a Drug Fiend, TheCrowley, Aleister234.436B 13.09.2007
5.Food Of The GodsMcKenna, Terence3.446.277B 04.07.2008
6.Lectures on AlchemyMcKenna, Terence197.584B 04.07.2008
7.Magic Mushrooms Around The WorldGartz, Jochen28.276.547B 07.07.2008
8.Magical And Ritual Use Of Herbs, TheMiller, Richard1.130.132B 07.12.2007
9.NeuroComicLeary, Timothy5.248.687B 03.07.2008
10.On Drugs And CreativityHuxley, Aldous132.151B 04.04.2008
11.Poems of Hashish, TheBaudelaire, Charles68.848B 03.07.2008
12.Psychedelic ShamanismDekorne, Jim3.797.464B 03.06.2008
13.Roll Away The Stone (An Introduction to Aleister Crowley's essays on the Psychology of Hashish)Regardie, Israel7.096.618B 26.05.2009
14.SubRosa Issue3 (2005)Taylor, Greg (ed.)16.260.157B 27.02.2008
15.SubRosa Issue4 (2006)Taylor, Greg (ed.)13.565.952B 03.03.2008
16.SubRosa Issue5 (2006)Taylor, Greg (ed.)10.072.455B 05.03.2008
17.The Doors of PerceptionHuxley, Aldous263.891B 05.09.2007
18.Walking in SpaceHawkins, Jaq53.126B 17.01.2008
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