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Books 1-38 out of 38
1.(pseudo-Dee´s) NecronomiconDee, John, Walter, Mariko Namba (Ed.)6.615.342B 06.09.2012
2.(pseudo-Dee´s) NecronomiconDee, John4.034.715B 29.07.2008
3.Al Azif - The Cipher Manuscript known as "Necronomicon" 123.392B 05.09.2007
4.Al Azif - The NecronomiconWilson, Colin, Hay, George, Turner, Robert, Langford, David419.542B 10.01.2008
5.Beyond The Mauve ZoneGrant, Kenneth68.922.459B 03.04.2009
6.Book of the Old Ones, TheScorpio27.206.970B 19.06.2008
7.Call of Cthulhu Cardstock 1.364.500B 11.11.2008
8.Chaos Magick Vol 3Samuel, Frater639.616B 23.11.2007
9.Cthulhu BibleSatanis, Venger4.336.583B 05.06.2008
10.Cults of Cthulhu (H.P.L. and the Occult Tradition)Tenebrous, Frater303.552B 19.11.2007
11.De vermis mysteriis 319.750B 09.04.2008
12.Dictionary of the Forgotten Ones 50.425B 30.11.2007
13.Disciples of Dagon (Clark Ashton Smith and the Cthulhu Mythos)Tenebrous, Frater122.719B 19.11.2007
14.Essential Guide to CthulhuLovecraft, Howard Phillips1.468.902B 18.09.2007
15.Gates of the Necronomicon (A Step by Step Progression Through the Walking of the Seven Gates of the Zonei)Simon444.677B 23.04.2009
16.Hecate's FountainGrant, Kenneth10.827.469B 03.04.2009
17.Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Path (short definition) 17.777B 06.04.2009
18.NecronomiconSimon203.776B 05.09.2007
19.NecronomiconCoroner192.512B 07.09.2007
20.Necronomicon 4.574.045B 15.10.2015
21.Necronomicon - Chart of Comparisons 470.748B 15.10.2007
22.Necronomicon Information TextParker, Ryan57.258B 16.11.2007
23.Necronomicon Spell Book, TheSimon106.613B 30.09.2007
24.Necronomicon, The 373.294B 27.09.2007
25.Necronomicon, The 736.897B 27.09.2007
26.Necronomicon, The 662.559B 27.09.2007
27.Necronomicon, The 3.098.697B 27.09.2007
28.Necronomicon, The (from hypertext by Ken Ottinger)Wilson, Colin, Hay, George, Turner, Robert, Langford, David234.799B 13.11.2007
29.Necronomicon: Al Azif 531.488B 27.09.2007
30.Notes On Writing Weird Fiction (Essay)Lovecraft, Howard Phillips17.813B 06.11.2008
31.Outer GatewaysGrant, Kenneth7.612.715B 17.03.2009
32.Practical Applications of the ChaossphereNeonfaust, Frater53.714B 28.11.2007
33.Prometheus RisingWilson, Robert Anton2.376.026B 28.08.2007
34.PseudonomiconHine, Phil269.312B 27.07.2008
35.Rite of Yog-SothothCoughlin, John J.314.422B 21.11.2007
36.Rlyeh Text, The (Wilson, Hay, Turner) 163.027B 13.11.2007
37.Road to Hel, TheEllis, Hilda Roderick1.887.719B 25.05.2008
38.The H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society Fan Survey 1.597.292B 15.08.2010
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