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» Pentacles
Books 1-9 out of 9
1.Amulette und TalismaneConzentra Magis, Frater421.991B 23.08.2007
2.Black Pullett, or the Hen with the Golden Eggs 315.438B 26.08.2007
3.Clefs majeures et clavicules de SalomonLévi, Eliphas2.853.128B 23.08.2007
4.Clefs majeures et clavicules de SalomonLévi, Eliphas3.079.406B 23.08.2007
5.Formulaire de Haute MagiePiobb, Pierre Vincenti19.956.626B 05.09.2010
6.Greater Key of Solomon, The (2) 492.364B 22.08.2007
7.Liber LXXXIV - Figs.Crowley, Aleister758.498B 27.08.2007
8.Quantum KabalaApfelman, Frater59.330B 11.12.2007
9.The Book of TalismansThomas, William, Pavitt, Kate26.682.768B 14.08.2010
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