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Books 1-8 out of 8
1.Anthem of The Gnostic MassH.K. 1131, Frater298.553B 24.09.2007
2.Fly the LightFord, Michael W.8.734B 12.03.2008
3.Kenneth Grant and the Merovingian MythosMoore, Vadge231.424B 25.09.2007
4.Metaphysical EnergiesBeall, J. Vincent346.218B 09.04.2008
5.Musique et Correspondances CosmiquesMercier, Alan127.445B 20.04.2009
6.Presumed Opposition - Psychonaut75-Musick and ArtFord, Michael W.11.319B 30.06.2008
7.RhythmajikZ'EV578.758B 28.12.2007
8.The Harmony of the Spheres, The Pythagorean Tradition in MusicGodwin, Joscelyn18.996.373B 20.11.2011
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