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Books 1-18 out of 18
1.Canon, TheStirling, William2.308.912B 19.09.2007
2.Faerie Way, The (A Healing Journey to Other Worlds)Mynne, Hugh1.642.672B 05.11.2007
3.God of the WitchesMurray, Margaret Alice 249.598B 01.10.2007
4.Green Man, Earth Angel: The Prophetic Tradition and the Battle for the Soul of the WorldCheetham, Tom915.875B 25.06.2008
5.Investigating the Afterlife Concepts of the Norse Heathen: A Reconstuctionist's ApproachLinzie, Bil544.609B 25.02.2008
6.Kraft der großen Göttin, DieStarhawk164.500B 29.04.2008
7.Nine Worlds of Seid-MagicBlain, Jenny1.251.838B 09.04.2009
8.Ninth Arch, TheGrant, Kenneth133.409.068B 10.04.2009
9.Other Worlds and Their Relation to This WorldNicklas, Tobias, Verheyden, Joseph, Eynikel, Erik, Martinez, Florentino Garcia5.912.765B 10.04.2012
10.Pagan Monotheism in Late AntiquityAthanassiadi, Polymnia (ed.), Frede, Michael (ed.)3.194.413B 14.08.2010
11.Practical Cursing-A Magician's ViewHawkins, Jaq56.551B 19.11.2007
12.Spae-Craft Seidr and ShamanismGundarsson, Kveldulf147.584B 04.12.2007
13.Teutonic MagicGundarsson, Kveldulf1.333.352B 04.12.2007
14.Teutonic ReligionGundarsson, Kveldulf2.571.781B 04.12.2007
15.The Book of ErisDiscordia, Eris Kallisti1.962.992B 14.08.2010
16.When Does a Child Become a Non-InitiateHawkins, Jaq49.471B 03.12.2007
17.Witch Like Me: The Spiritual Journeys of Today's Pagan PractitionersKnight, Sirona1.332.262B 14.04.2012
18.Wotan-The Road to ValhallaGundarsson, Kveldulf389.098B 04.12.2007
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