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Books 1-9 out of 9
1.Atheism and Theism (Great Debates in Philosophy)Smart, J.J.C., Haldane, J.J.1.072.881B 28.07.2008
2.Knowledge of God and the Development of Early KabbalahDauber, Jonathan3.653.177B 19.04.2013
3.Marriage, Money and Divorce in Medieval Islamic SocietyRapoport, Yossef2.014.623B 23.05.2008
4.NeuroComicLeary, Timothy5.248.687B 03.07.2008
5.Origin of Satan, The - How Christians Demonized Jews, Pagans, and HereticsPagels, Elaine1.177.824B 27.07.2008
6.Revolt Against the Modern WorldEvola, Julius18.866.243B 16.11.2009
7.Scholasticism and the Spirit of ModernityEvola, Julius56.719B 14.03.2008
8.TechgnosisDavis, Erik128.259B 11.12.2007
9.Victorian Occultism and the Making of Modern Magic: Invoking TraditionButler, Alison L.10.973.851B 08.12.2012
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