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Books 1-22 out of 22
1.Aleister Crowley and The Hidden GodGrant, Kenneth2.038.272B 28.08.2007
2.Aleister Crowley and the Hidden GodGrant, Kenneth1.451.832B 24.11.2008
3.Beyond The Mauve ZoneGrant, Kenneth68.922.459B 03.04.2009
4.Chalice of Ecstasy, TheAchad, Frater300.503B 17.05.2008
5.Collected Writings of Jack Parsons, TheParsons, Jack119.993B 13.02.2008
6.Evoking EternityKoetting, E. A.3.599.375B 03.02.2012
7.Excerpt from Magical RevivalGrant, Kenneth127.188B 03.04.2009
8.Freedom is a Two-edged SwordParsons, Jack94.208B 29.07.2008
9.Hecate's FountainGrant, Kenneth10.827.469B 03.04.2009
10.Invocation Of HorusAchad, Frater51.852B 26.06.2008
11.Jack Parsons & The Curious Origins of the American Space ProgramMagician520.848B 26.06.2008
12.Key of the Abyss, TheTesta, Anthony2.497.436B 29.07.2008
13.Letters to Marjorie CameronParsons, Jack50.815B 30.06.2008
14.Macedonian LecturesNema, Northern Path45.514.829B 20.01.2008
15.Metaphysical EnergiesBeall, J. Vincent346.218B 09.04.2008
16.MikrokosmogoniaRussell, C.F.12.651B 04.09.2008
17.Ninth Arch, TheGrant, Kenneth133.409.068B 10.04.2009
18.Outer GatewaysGrant, Kenneth7.612.715B 17.03.2009
19.Snake Wand and The Darker StrainGrant, Kenneth119.801.485B 03.04.2009
20.Thelemic Political MoralityMotta, Marcelo Ramos43.008B 25.02.2008
21.Transpersonal Psychology and the Methods of Instruction In The A.'.A.'.Eales, Ray29.616B 30.06.2008
22.Whole Universe Depends on You, TheRussell, C.F.9.441B 04.09.2008
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