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Art (1), Biography (1), Chaos magic (22), Combat Magic (1), Dreams (1), Eastern teachings (3), English (24), Essay (2), German (1), Necronomicon (1), Occult/Psychology (1), Sexual magic (3), Shamanism (2), Tantra (3), Thelema (1), Tibet (1), Witchcraft/Sorcery (1)
Books 1-25 out of 25
1.Analytic Techniques for Sorcery InterventionsHine, Phil101.676B 18.09.2007
2.Aspects of EvocationHine, Phil370.323B 23.08.2007
3.Aspects of TantraHine, Phil311.851B 21.12.2007
4.Bitter Venoms: The Magical Worlds of William BurroughsHine, Phil608.541B 10.03.2008
5.Counting CoupHine, Phil12.108B 08.02.2008
6.Group Explorations in Ego MagickHine, Phil220.556B 25.08.2007
7.Introduction to Dream MagicsHine, Phil67.921B 25.08.2007
8.Introduction to SorceryHine, Phil24.544B 14.01.2008
9.Knack und Back Chaos (Condensed Chaos)Hine, Phil277.388B 25.08.2007
10.Love under Will - Sexuality Magic & LiberationHine, Phil32.754B 22.02.2008
11.Magical Use Of VoiceHine, Phil133.810B 22.08.2007
12.Modern TantraHine, Phil244.071B 01.04.2008
13.On CursingHine, Phil21.932B 23.11.2007
14.Oven-Ready ChaosHine, Phil443.539B 23.08.2007
15.PanDaemonAeonHine, Phil42.079B 03.12.2007
16.PermutationsHine, Phil211.225B 23.08.2007
17.Prime ChaosHine, Phil805.823B 23.08.2007
18.PseudonomiconHine, Phil269.312B 27.07.2008
19.Running Workshops: Notes for FaciliatorsHine, Phil156.111B 25.08.2007
20.Sending of Eight, TheHine, Phil4.750B 23.11.2007
21.Tantrum MagickHine, Phil15.582B 17.04.2008
22.Touched by FireHine, Phil341.266B 22.08.2007
23.Two Worlds & InbetweenHine, Phil97.450B 25.08.2007
24.Tyranny of Print, TheHine, Phil41.812B 17.11.2007
25.Walking Between the WorldsHine, Phil117.688B 25.08.2007
Books 1-25 out of 25

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