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Books 1-30 out of 30
1.9th Degree - Emblems and Mode of UseCrowley, Aleister, O.T.O.190.464B 10.03.2008
2.Arcane Formulas or Mental Alchemy (scan, 1909) 9.087.120B 20.01.2009
3.Arcane SchoolsYarker, John3.264.127B 22.06.2008
4.Chaos Out of Order: The Rise and Fall of the Swedenborgian RiteGilbert, Robert A.665.529B 22.06.2008
5.Crata RepoaFarrell, Nick900.673B 14.04.2012
6.Divine SymbolsAdiramled9.692.342B 07.01.2008
7.Emanuel Swedenborg, Secret Agent on Earth and in Heaven : Jacobites, Jews and Freemasons in Early Modern SwedenSchuchard, Marsha Keith2.886.170B 18.11.2012
8.Enlightenment and Freemasonry in Eighteenth-century VeniceGranziera, Patrizia2.352.799B 14.08.2010
9.Fellow Crafts Handbook, TheWard, J. S. M.240.498B 12.06.2008
10.Great Body of God, TheCulling, Louis955.666B 13.06.2008
11.Higher Degrees Handbook, TheWard, J. S. M.175.191B 22.06.2008
12.Life Eternal and its Work, Revealed from the Heavenly SideBerg, Rebecka C.10.359.393B 17.01.2008
13.Low TwelveEllis, Edward S.2.819.290B 22.06.2008
14.Magnum OpusPike, Albert43.308.693B 21.06.2008
15.Martinist Tradition, The (volume 1)Cossey, Rene3.737.183B 21.06.2008
16.Masonic Career of A.E. Waite, TheGilbert, Robert A.645.849B 22.06.2008
17.Master Masons Handbook, TheWard, J. S. M.322.023B 22.06.2008
18.Morals and DogmaPike, Albert2.614.713B 15.01.2008
19.Mystery of the Grail: Initiation and Magic in the Quest for the Spirit Evola, Julius7.373.911B 23.04.2012
20.OYEZ (I-King)Redgrove, Herbert Stanley, O.T.O.3.186.139B 07.01.2008
21.Praxis der Alten Türkischen Freimaurerei, DieSebottendorf, Rudolf von492.374B 23.08.2007
22.Rituals of the Societas Rosicrucianis in AngliaSumner, Alex273.429B 15.08.2010
23.Secret Societies of All Ages and Countries, TheHeckethorn, Charles William17.879.603B 09.01.2009
24.Secret Teachings of All Ages, TheHall, Manly Palmer3.508.259B 04.02.2008
25.Some Deeper Aspects of Masonic SymbolismWaite, Arthur Edward113.084B 23.08.2007
26.Stellar Theology and Masonic AstronomyBrown, Robert Hewitt2.710.049B 20.02.2008
27.Templar Orders in Freemasonry, TheWaite, Arthur Edward106.222B 23.08.2007
28.The Secret Destiny of AmericaHall, Manly Palmer778.883B 14.08.2010
29.Towards a Definition of InitiationKupperman, Jeffrey S.123.998B 27.11.2008
30.Western Esotericism and Rituals of InitiationBogdan, Henrik2.318.754B 25.05.2008
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