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Allen, James P. (1), Allen, Michael J. B. (ed.) (1), Ancient (17), Annus, Amar (ed.) (1), Anthropology (1), Astrology (4), Astronomy (1), Athanassiadi, Polymnia (ed.) (1), Bell, Karl (1), Biography (1), Biology (2), Bohak, Gideon (2), Buddhism (1), Chaos magic (1), Christianity (7), Corse, Taylor (1), Coudert, Allison (2), Dalai Lama (1), Dan, Joseph (1), Davidson, Hilda Ellis (1), Davies, Martin (ed.) (1), Dembski, William A. (1), Deutsch, Nathaniel (1), Divination (2), Egypt (4), English (45), Essay (5), Eynikel, Erik (1), Fletcher, John E. (1), Frede, Michael (ed.) (1), French, Brendan (1), German (1), Gnosis/Gnosticism (3), Gordon, Richard L. (1), Greece (2), Greenspahn, Frederick E. (1), Halbertal, Moshe (1), Hames, Harvey J. (1), Hammer, Olav (1), Harari, Yubal (1), Helmont, Franciscus Mercurius van (1), Hermetic (3), Hermetic kabbalah (1), Himmelfarb, Martha (1), Historical (8), Islam (1), Judaism (14), Kabbalah (6), Kircher, Athanasius (1), Linssen, Marc J.H. (1), Magic (12), Martinez, Florentino Garcia (1), Math (1), McBride, Daniel R. (1), Middle ages (2), Morray-Jones, Christopher R.A. (1), Mu-chou Poo (1), Mysticism (10), Mythology (3), Märyä, Frans I. (1), Necronomicon (1), Neoplatonism (1), Nicklas, Tobias (1), Nordic (1), Occult sciences (1), Occult/Psychology (2), Ogren, Brian (1), Orlov, Andrei A. (1), Pachoumi, Eleni (1), Paganism (2), Philosophy (3), Pico, Richard M. (1), Psychology (3), Rees, Valery (ed.) (1), Reiner, Erica (1), Religion (6), Religionistic (2), Renaissance (2), Ritner, Robert K. (1), Rochberg, Francesca (1), Rothöhler, Benedikt (1), Rowland, Christopher (1), Ruse, Michael (1), Sagerman, Robert (1), Shaked, Shaul (1), Sheppard, Anne (1), Simon, Marco (1), Smith, Leonard A. (1), Smith, Margaret (1), Stroumsa, Guy (2), Stuckrad, Kocku von (2), Subbotsky, Eugene (1), Tambiah, Stanley Jeyaraja (1), Theosophy (1), Theurgy (2), Tibet (1), Verheyden, Joseph (1), Western esoterism/okcidentalism (2), Zambelli, Paola (1)
Books 8-47 out of 47
8.Consciousness In Four Dimensions-Biological Relativity and the Origins of ThoughtPico, Richard M.30.741.907B 18.04.2008
9.Continuity and Innovation in the Magical TraditionShaked, Shaul, Bohak, Gideon, Harari, Yubal5.006.359B 12.04.2012
10.Dangerous AscentsDeutsch, Nathaniel439.045B 14.08.2010
11.Debating Design (From Darwin to DNA)Dembski, William A., Ruse, Michael2.126.953B 02.07.2008
12.Demonic Texts and Textual DemonsMäryä, Frans I.1.547.639B 14.08.2010
13.Divination and Interpretation of Signs in the Ancient WorldAnnus, Amar (ed.)3.280.220B 18.05.2012
14.Enoch-Metatron TraditionOrlov, Andrei A.10.314.115B 14.04.2012
15.Greek Magical Papyri: Diversity and UnityPachoumi, Eleni17.684.149B 11.10.2012
16.Hidden Wisdom: Esoteric Traditions and the Roots of Christian MysticismStroumsa, Guy941.817B 19.04.2012
17.In the Path of the MoonRochberg, Francesca10.400.410B 14.04.2012
18.Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah: New Insights and ScholarshipGreenspahn, Frederick E.1.610.557B 10.04.2012
19.Like Angels on Jacob's Ladder: Abraham Abulafia, the Franciscans, and JoachimismHames, Harvey J.745.807B 10.04.2012
20.Magic and the Mind: Mechanisms, Functions, and Development of Magical Thinking and BehaviorSubbotsky, Eugene1.334.030B 20.08.2013
21.Magic, Science, Religion and the Scope of RationalityTambiah, Stanley Jeyaraja25.283.026B 29.12.2012
22.Magical ImaginationBell, Karl3.580.686B 21.04.2012
23.Magical Practice in the Latin WestGordon, Richard L., Simon, Marco6.460.324B 07.04.2012
24.Marsilio Ficino : His Theology, His Philosophy, His LegacyAllen, Michael J. B. (ed.), Rees, Valery (ed.), Davies, Martin (ed.)29.322.107B 21.05.2012
25.Medieval Jewish Influences on Renaissance Concepts of Harmonia MundiDan, Joseph1.128.103B 14.08.2010
26.Morton Smith and Gershom Scholem, Correspondence 1945-1982Stroumsa, Guy910.469B 23.04.2012
27.Mystery of God - Early Jewish Mysticism and the New TestamentRowland, Christopher, Morray-Jones, Christopher R.A.2.595.355B 12.04.2012
28.Neue Gedanken zum Denkmal memphitischer TheologieRothöhler, Benedikt28.406.150B 15.08.2010
29.Other Worlds and Their Relation to This WorldNicklas, Tobias, Verheyden, Joseph, Eynikel, Erik, Martinez, Florentino Garcia5.912.765B 10.04.2012
30.Pagan Monotheism in Late AntiquityAthanassiadi, Polymnia (ed.), Frede, Michael (ed.)3.194.413B 14.08.2010
31.Polemical Encounters: Esoteric Discourse and Its Others ContentsHammer, Olav, Stuckrad, Kocku von1.169.588B 07.04.2012
32.Proclus' Attitude to TheurgySheppard, Anne316.576B 14.08.2010
33.Religion, Magic, and Science in Early Modern Europe and AmericaCoudert, Allison3.571.060B 20.06.2013
34.Renaissance and Rebirth: Reincarnation in Early Modern Italian KabbalahOgren, Brian1.745.501B 10.04.2012
35.Rethinking Ghosts in World ReligionsMu-chou Poo1.839.110B 11.04.2012
36.Serpent Kills or the Serpent Gives Life: The Kabbalist Abraham Abulafia's Response to ChristianitySagerman, Robert2.215.672B 21.04.2012
37.Studies in Early Mysticism in Near and the Middle EastSmith, Margaret4.860.311B 21.04.2012
38.Study of the Life and Works of Athanasius Kircher, ‘Germanus Incredibilis’Kircher, Athanasius, Fletcher, John E.9.125.130B 11.04.2012
39.The Alphabet of NatureHelmont, Franciscus Mercurius van, Coudert, Allison, Corse, Taylor3.350.671B 19.04.2013
40.The Cults of Uruk and Babylon : The Temple Ritual Texts As Evidence for Hellenistic Cult PractisesLinssen, Marc J.H.18.764.493B 21.05.2012
41.The Egyptian Foundations of Gnostic ThoughtMcBride, Daniel R.3.505.548B 14.08.2010
42.The H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society Fan Survey 1.597.292B 15.08.2010
43.The Lost Beliefs of Northern EuropeDavidson, Hilda Ellis1.749.211B 21.05.2012
44.The Mechanics of Ancient Egyptian Magical PracticeRitner, Robert K.21.834.428B 14.08.2010
45.The Mercurian Master: Hermes' Gift to the Theosophical SocietyFrench, Brendan2.567.477B 14.08.2010
46.Western Esotericism: A Brief History of Secret KnowledgeStuckrad, Kocku von7.920.149B 19.04.2012
47.White Magic, Black Magic in the European RenaissanceZambelli, Paola1.451.661B 07.04.2012
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