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Books 1-33 out of 33
1.Armanen RunesWelz, Karl Hanz1.577.741B 15.11.2007
2.Black RunaFlowers, Stephen Edred20.705.253B 31.10.2007
3.Black Sun - The Occult Power within All That IsWilberg, Peter776.763B 06.02.2008
4.Futhark - A Handbook of Rune MagicThorsson, Edred7.605.344B 20.09.2009
5.Galdr - Verbal Rune Magic 196.417B 06.12.2007
6.Guide to the Norse Gods and Their NamesVikernes, Varg154.805B 25.08.2008
7.Investigating the Afterlife Concepts of the Norse Heathen: A Reconstuctionist's ApproachLinzie, Bil544.609B 25.02.2008
8.Magic RunesWeor, Samael Aun419.075B 24.05.2008
9.Magie und Sternenzauber - Okkultismus im AbendlandTegtmeier, Ralph4.799.720B 14.02.2008
10.Meanings of the RunesKing, Bernard41.991B 05.02.2008
11.Metaphysical EnergiesBeall, J. Vincent346.218B 09.04.2008
12.New Book Of Runes, TheBlum, Ralph983.840B 16.11.2007
13.Nine Worlds of Seid-MagicBlain, Jenny1.251.838B 09.04.2009
14.Nordic ShamanismKodratoff, Yves62.324B 03.04.2008
15.Poetic Edda, Part. ISæmund, (The Learned), Thorpe, Benjamin467.872B 03.03.2008
16.Poetic Edda, Part.2Sæmund, (The Learned), Thorpe, Benjamin421.197B 06.03.2008
17.Prose Edda (part 1)Sturleson, Snorre, Anderson, Rasmus B., Hvitaskald, Olaf269.825B 11.03.2008
18.Prose Edda (part 2)Sturleson, Snorre, Anderson, Rasmus B., Hvitaskald, Olaf683.247B 12.03.2008
19.Report to Himmler on Julius EvolaWeisthor, K. M.16.462B 19.02.2008
20.Rune MagicKummer, Sigfried Adolf639.742B 15.11.2007
21.Rune MagicWelz, Karl Hanz306.136B 15.11.2007
22.Rune Might: History and Pratices of the Early 20th Century German Rune MagiciansFlowers, Stephen Edred34.682.736B 16.01.2011
23.Rune ReadingsWelz, Karl Hanz229.157B 15.11.2007
24.Rune Yoga CourseWelz, Karl Hanz315.902B 15.11.2007
25.Runen - Alphabet der ErkenntnisTegtmeier, Ralph1.586.063B 13.02.2008
26.RunenmagieSpiesberger, Karl2.873.079B 30.04.2008
27.Runenpraxis der Eingeweihten-RunenexerzitienSpiesberger, Karl3.087.131B 13.05.2008
28.Seeds of the World TreeNorthern Path1.044.454B 02.04.2008
29.Shamanism & OdinJon, A. Asbjorn145.240B 22.04.2008
30.Spae-Craft Seidr and ShamanismGundarsson, Kveldulf147.584B 04.12.2007
31.Teutonic MagicGundarsson, Kveldulf1.333.352B 04.12.2007
32.Teutonic ReligionGundarsson, Kveldulf2.571.781B 04.12.2007
33.Tree Cults in Northern MagicErikkson, Tommie21.243B 02.04.2008
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