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» Sorcery
Books 1-5 out of 5
1.Curse Tablets and Binding Spells from the Ancient WorldGager, John G. (ed.)16.256.985B 20.02.2011
2.Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune TellingLeland, Charles Godfrey2.673.862B 25.05.2008
3.Nox UmbraFord, Michael W.1.022.449B 24.05.2008
4.Secret Life of Nature, The (Living in Harmony With the Hidden World of Nature Spirits from Fairies to Quarks )Tompkins, Peter3.594.573B 06.01.2009
5.Shamanism (Encyclopedia of World Beliefs, Practices and Culture)Walter, Mariko Namba (Ed.), Neumann Fridman, Eva Jane (Ed.)8.287.484B 02.02.2009
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