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Books 1-13 out of 13
1.Book of the Old Ones, TheScorpio27.206.970B 19.06.2008
2.Call of Cthulhu Cardstock 1.364.500B 11.11.2008
3.Cthulhu BibleSatanis, Venger4.336.583B 05.06.2008
4.Cthulhu International TimelineSlavinski, Zivorad Mihajlovic291.295B 24.11.2008
5.Interview with Sixties rock band HP LovecraftKenning, Ethan157.611B 11.11.2008
6.Lovecraft - Against the World, Against the LifeLovecraft, Howard Phillips, Houllebecq, Michel194.100B 06.11.2008
7.Mountain Walked or Stumbled, A (Madness, Apocalypse, and H.P. Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu)Taylor, Justin365.690B 13.11.2008
8.Notes On Writing Weird Fiction (Essay)Lovecraft, Howard Phillips17.813B 06.11.2008
9.Road to Hel, TheEllis, Hilda Roderick1.887.719B 25.05.2008
10.Scroll of Set, The (1998/158)Reynolds, Linda (ed.)218.040B 02.07.2008
11.Sheet Music - Oh CthulhuAllgeyer, Robert546.384B 14.08.2010
12.Studies in Modern Horror (Miéville, Barker, Lovecraft...)Christakos, N. G. (ed)495.220B 10.11.2008
13.Why We Here - Cthulhu Cartoon StripLente, Fred Van, Ellis, Steve2.188.069B 06.11.2008
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