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1.After Death or Disembodied ManRandolph, Paschal Beverly6.923.112B 13.10.2010
2.Art Magic or Mundane Sub-Mundane and Super-Mundane SpiritismBritten, Emma Hardinge35.402.957B 02.10.2011
3.Beyond the Veil : Posthumous Work of Paschal Beverly RandolphMcDougall, Frances H., Hutchinson, Luna26.720.452B 29.03.2012
4.Dealings with the Dead : The Human Soul, its Migrations and its TransmigrationsRandolph, Paschal Beverly17.370.713B 29.03.2012
5.Eulis! The History of LoveRandolph, Paschal Beverly6.346.308B 25.05.2013
6.Love and its Hidden History: Also, The Master Passion, or the Curtain Raised on Woman, Love, and Marriage.Randolph, Paschal Beverly8.440.532B 17.03.2013
7.New Mola with SupplementRandolph, Paschal Beverly14.089.665B 29.03.2012
8.Paschal Beverly Randolph : A Nineteenth-Century Black American Spiritualist, Rosicrucian and Sex MagicianDeveney, John Patrick62.200.726B 06.08.2010
9.Plato's Ghost: Spiritualism in the American RenaissanceGutierrez, Cathy2.415.454B 20.08.2013
10.Seership! The Magnetic Mirror. A Practical Guide to Those Who Aspire to Clairvoyance-Absolute.Randolph, Paschal Beverly8.554.436B 20.03.2013
11.Seership! TheMagneticMirror.Randolph, Paschal Beverly15.447.715B 29.03.2012
12.Soul! The Soul World: The Homes of the DeadRandolph, Paschal Beverly42.613.417B 25.05.2013
13.The Davenport Brothers, The World Renowned Spiritual Mediums: Their Biography, and Adventures in Europe and AmericaRandolph, Paschal Beverly42.245.117B 01.01.2013
14.The Unveiling or What I Think of SpiritualismRandolph, Paschal Beverly3.262.127B 13.10.2010
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