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Books 1-7 out of 7
1.De MysteriisIamblichus7.595.652B 14.08.2010
2.Hermetis Trismegisti PoemanderParthey, Gustavus7.450.591B 15.08.2010
3.Iamblichus' De AnimaDillon, John M., Iamblichus1.785.449B 20.08.2012
4.Iamblichus: De MysteriisDillon, John M., Iamblichus2.369.869B 11.08.2012
5.Lexicon PlotinianumSleeman, J. H., Pollet, Gilbert52.553.619B 21.08.2012
6.Solomon, the esoteric king: from king to magus, development of a traditionTorijano, Pablo A.20.254.645B 31.01.2012
7.The Testament of SolomonMc Cown, Chester Charlton8.974.726B 18.05.2012
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