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Books 1-20 out of 20
1.Amazing Secrets Of The YogiHaanel, Charles F.846.847B 05.09.2008
2.Book of Ceremonial Magic, TheWaite, Arthur Edward4.784.091B 23.08.2007
3.Book Of Power, TheShah, Idries278.497B 03.02.2011
4.Empire and Elites after the Muslim ConquestRobinson, Chase F.2.227.202B 23.05.2008
5.Encyclopedia of AstrologyDeVore, Nicholas1.742.162B 02.02.2009
6.Holy KillersBurman, Edward49.729.664B 30.03.2009
7.Ibn al-Arabiā€˜s Testament on the Mantle of Initiation (al-Khirqah)Elmore, Gerald305.565B 24.08.2007
8.Lives of the NecromancersGodwin, William499.956B 17.10.2007
9.Picatrix - Das Ziel des WeisenPseudo-Magriti11.693.171B 14.08.2010
10.Picatrix - El fin del sabioVillegas, Marcelino929.381B 19.08.2010
11.Picatrix - Ghayat al-Hakim, vol. 1Kiesel, William (ed.), Attalah, Hasem (trnsl.)44.614.275B 19.08.2010
12.Picatrix - Ghayat al-Hakim, vol. 2Kiesel, William (ed.), Attalah, Hasem (trnsl.)19.218.358B 19.08.2010
13.Picatrix - Planetary Talismanic MagicAshe, Steven2.515.773B 19.08.2010
14.Picatrix - the Latin version of Ghayat al-HakimPingree, David21.420.211B 19.08.2010
15.Quran 2.520.658B 10.10.2007
16.Sufism - The Formative PeriodKaramustafa, Ahmed T.2.879.371B 30.11.2007
17.Temple and Contemplation, pt. 1Corbin, Henry1.224.736B 19.08.2008
18.Temple and Contemplation, pt. 2Corbin, Henry1.673.169B 19.08.2008
19.The Latin Picatrix - Book I & IIGreer, John Michael, Warnock, Christopher18.951.393B 19.08.2010
20.The Picatrix - Selected Translations Edited with CommentaryWarnock, Christopher4.834.323B 19.08.2010
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