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Books 1-15 out of 15
1.Black Book of Satan (volumes i, ii, iii)Order of Nine Angles975.643B 25.05.2008
2.Black Seals of Solomon the KingNagel, Carl11.378.839B 02.05.2010
3.Book of AbramelinAbraham ben Simeon of Worms26.674.712B 06.09.2012
4.Book of Abramelin: A New TranslationAbraham ben Simeon of Worms89.994.460B 27.05.2008
5.Gates of the Necronomicon (A Step by Step Progression Through the Walking of the Seven Gates of the Zonei)Simon444.677B 23.04.2009
6.Howlings from the Pit , A Journal of Old System Magic (Volume I Number II August 07) 579.872B 27.11.2007
7.Illustrated GoetiaCrowley, Aleister, Hyatt, Christopher S., DuQuette, Lon Milo7.532.543B 25.01.2008
8.King Solomon's The Lemegeton: Lesser Key 80.209.773B 10.09.2011
9.Le Veritable Dragon Rouge 1.868.053B 27.05.2012
10.Lemegeton - The Complete Lesser Key of SolomonHenson, Mitch6.554.516B 02.01.2011
11.Les Vrais secrets de la Magie noire : applicationsLegran, Alexandre3.268.452B 27.05.2012
12.Secret Lore of Magic, TheShah, Idries225.356.009B 16.02.2009
13.Sepher Raziel: A Sixteenth Century English GrimoireSkinner, Stephen, Karr, Don89.118.053B 15.09.2011
14.Summoning Spirits (The Art of Magical Evocation)Konstantinos5.053.762B 18.01.2008
15.The Great Grimoire of Pope Honorius 21.344.631B 02.08.2010
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