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Books 1-8 out of 8
1.Babylonian Sacred Words of PowerNagel, Carl20.942.742B 06.06.2008
2.Battling Demons – Witchcraft, Heresy, and Reform in the Late Middle AgesBailey, Michael D.7.228.028B 03.08.2010
3.Beyond the Witch TrialsDavies, Owen, Blécourt, Willem de1.207.688B 08.07.2012
4.Magie und Sternenzauber - Okkultismus im AbendlandTegtmeier, Ralph4.799.720B 14.02.2008
5.Nine Worlds of Seid-MagicBlain, Jenny1.251.838B 09.04.2009
6.Witchcraft and Magic in Europe, volume 4: The Period of the Witch TrialsAnkarloo, Bengt, Clark, Stuart12.696.383B 03.01.2013
7.Witchcraft and Magic in Europe, volume 5: The Eighteenth and Nineteenth CenturiesAnkarloo, Bengt, Clark, Stuart18.614.935B 03.01.2013
8.Witchcraft and Magic in Europe, volume 6: The Twentieth CenturyAnkarloo, Bengt, Clark, Stuart12.183.226B 03.01.2013
Books 1-8 out of 8