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Books 1-7 out of 7
1.1-The Binding of ShadowsFord, Michael W.8.002B 09.01.2008
2.Black Book of Satan (volumes i, ii, iii)Order of Nine Angles975.643B 25.05.2008
3.Black Serpent Magazine no. 1 1.741.148B 30.11.2007
4.Book of CainFord, Michael W.329.068B 10.12.2007
5.Invocation of the AdversaryFord, Michael W.8.666B 14.01.2008
6.Satanic RitualsLaVey, Anton540.770B 21.11.2007
7.Wake of the Red DeathFord, Michael W.8.163B 12.03.2008
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