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Books 1-9 out of 9
1.Ancient Egyptian Pyramid TextsAllen, James P.4.644.248B 17.08.2012
2.Egyptian Heaven and Hell, TheWallis Budge, E. A.219.072B 26.08.2007
3.Egyptian Myth: A Very Short IntroductionPinch, Geraldine3.372.423B 25.05.2008
4.Egyptian Mythology A to ZRemler, Pat8.965.627B 28.12.2012
5.Genesis in Egypt: The Philosophy of Ancient Egyptian Creation AccountsAllen, James P.4.192.847B 20.08.2012
6.Legends of Babylon and EgyptKing, Leonard 326.861B 08.07.2008
7.Legends of the GodsWallis Budge, E. A.670.360B 26.08.2007
8.Lives of the NecromancersGodwin, William499.956B 17.10.2007
9.Seth - God of Confusion (A Study of His Role in Egyptian Mythology and Religion)te Velde, Henk39.973.904B 24.05.2008
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