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Books 1-10 out of 10
1.Black Book of Satan (volumes i, ii, iii)Order of Nine Angles975.643B 25.05.2008
2.Book of CainFord, Michael W.329.068B 10.12.2007
3.Grand Grimoire, The (dark lodge version) 779.048B 16.05.2008
4.Lemegeton - The Complete Lesser Key of SolomonHenson, Mitch6.554.516B 02.01.2011
5.Occultism - Its Theory and PracticeShah, Sirdar Ikbal Ali21.285.534B 03.02.2011
6.Pseudomonarchia DaemonumWeyer, Johann96.973B 20.02.2008
7.Pseudomonarchia DaemonumWeyer, Johann74.750B 31.07.2008
8.Summoning Spirits (The Art of Magical Evocation)Konstantinos5.053.762B 18.01.2008
9.The Great Grimoire of Pope Honorius 21.344.631B 02.08.2010
10.The Grimoire of ArmadelMathers, Samuel Liddell (MacGregor)20.752.704B 13.10.2010
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