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Books 1-18 out of 18
1.Applied Magic Fortune, Dion510.146B 26.03.2008
2.Black Book of Satan (volumes i, ii, iii)Order of Nine Angles975.643B 25.05.2008
3.Book of Solomon’s Magick, TheRunyon, Carroll13.662.006B 04.08.2008
4.Evocation of Bartzabel 1.047.417B 25.08.2007
5.Introduction to Ritual Magic, AnFortune, Dion, Knight, Gareth43.589.182B 02.05.2010
6.Lemegeton - The Complete Lesser Key of SolomonHenson, Mitch6.554.516B 02.01.2011
7.Liber CCCXXV (The Bartzabel Working)Crowley, Aleister431.549B 08.04.2009
8.Liber CDXV (Opus Lutetianum - The Paris Working, The Book of The High Magick Art)Crowley, Aleister369.175B 27.03.2009
9.Liber LX (The Ab-ul-Diz Working)Crowley, Aleister656.933B 26.03.2009
10.Magic in East and WestRegardie, Israel65.586B 15.10.2007
11.Martinist Operative & General Ritual, The 200.451B 22.06.2008
12.Modern Magick (Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts)Kraig, Donald Michael30.007.555B 02.11.2007
13.Mysteria MagicaDenning, Melita, Phillips, Osbourne28.068.434B 07.02.2010
14.Ritual Magic Manual, TheGriffin, David29.700.364B 24.04.2010
15.Secret Temple, TheWang, Robert2.932.041B 04.08.2008
16.Summoning Spirits (The Art of Magical Evocation)Konstantinos5.053.762B 18.01.2008
17.Techniques of High Magic, A Manual of Self-InitiationKing, Francis, Skinner, Stephen1.833.994B 11.10.2007
18.The Great Grimoire of Pope Honorius 21.344.631B 02.08.2010
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