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Books 1-10 out of 10
1.Agape vel Liber c vel AzothCrowley, Aleister220.363B 13.11.2007
2.Book 4 (complet)Crowley, Aleister316.416B 01.08.2008
3.Evocation of Bartzabel 1.047.417B 25.08.2007
4.Liber CCCXXV (The Bartzabel Working)Crowley, Aleister431.549B 08.04.2009
5.Liber CDXV (Opus Lutetianum - The Paris Working, The Book of The High Magick Art)Crowley, Aleister369.175B 27.03.2009
6.Liber LX (The Ab-ul-Diz Working)Crowley, Aleister656.933B 26.03.2009
7.Secret Rituals of the OTO, TheKing, Francis1.522.240B 05.06.2009
8.The Magick of Thelema: A Handbook of the Rituals of Aleister CrowleyDuQuette, Lon Milo31.438.481B 15.09.2014
9.To ManCrowley, Aleister16.090B 08.02.2008
10.Workings of BabalonFord, Michael W.66.920B 19.12.2007
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