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Books 1-25 out of 25
1.2-Casting the CircleFord, Michael W.7.342B 10.01.2008
2.Book 4 (complet)Crowley, Aleister316.416B 01.08.2008
3.Book of Solomon’s Magick, TheRunyon, Carroll13.662.006B 04.08.2008
4.Ceremonial Magic: A guide to the Mechanism of RitualRegardie, Israel9.019.736B 07.08.2010
5.Circles of Power: Ritual Magic in Western TraditionGreer, John Michael18.512.542B 04.06.2008
6.Creating Magickal EntitiesCunningham, David6.019.196B 29.10.2007
7.Evocation of Bartzabel 1.047.417B 25.08.2007
8.Golden Dawn Rituals and Commentaries, Vol 1Zalewski, Pat1.585.370B 15.08.2010
9.Golden Dawn Rituals and Commentaries, Vol 2Zalewski, Pat1.995.239B 15.08.2010
10.Golden Dawn Rituals and Commentaries, Vol 3Zalewski, Pat1.679.044B 15.08.2010
11.Grand Grimoire, The (dark lodge version) 779.048B 16.05.2008
12.Howlings from the Pit, A Journal of Old System Magic (Journal Volume I Number I May 2007) 569.046B 30.11.2007
13.Lemegeton - The Complete Lesser Key of SolomonHenson, Mitch6.554.516B 02.01.2011
14.Magic in East and WestRegardie, Israel65.586B 15.10.2007
15.Modern Magick (Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts)Kraig, Donald Michael30.007.555B 02.11.2007
16.Occultism - Its Theory and PracticeShah, Sirdar Ikbal Ali21.285.534B 03.02.2011
17.Protection of SpaceLuxamore379.083B 29.07.2008
18.Pseudomonarchia DaemonumWeyer, Johann74.750B 31.07.2008
19.Rite of Yog-SothothCoughlin, John J.314.422B 21.11.2007
20.Ritual Magic Workbook (A Practical Course of Self-Initiation)Ashcroft-Nowicki, Dolores2.847.596B 30.10.2007
21.Secret Rituals of the OTO, TheKing, Francis1.522.240B 05.06.2009
22.Secret Temple, TheWang, Robert2.932.041B 04.08.2008
23.Summoning Spirits (The Art of Magical Evocation)Konstantinos5.053.762B 18.01.2008
24.Techniques of High Magic, A Manual of Self-InitiationKing, Francis, Skinner, Stephen1.833.994B 11.10.2007
25.The Grimoire of ArmadelMathers, Samuel Liddell (MacGregor)20.752.704B 13.10.2010
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