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Books 1-15 out of 15
1.1-The Binding of ShadowsFord, Michael W.8.002B 09.01.2008
2.Beholders of NightFord, Michael W.21.283B 16.01.2008
3.Black WitchcraftFord, Michael W.169.277B 10.12.2007
4.Book of CainFord, Michael W.329.068B 10.12.2007
5.Book of the Witch MoonFord, Michael W.3.142.056B 22.11.2007
6.Book of Wamphyri and ShadowsFord, Michael W.230.813B 22.11.2007
7.Calling Down the Moon and the Shades of LilithFord, Michael W.7.479B 22.11.2007
8.Calling to the First of Witch BloodFord, Michael W.5.249B 22.11.2007
9.Cults of the ShadowGrant, Kenneth36.646.912B 01.11.2007
10.Luciferian Witchcraft - An IntroductionFord, Michael W.13.403B 06.12.2007
11.Luciferian Witchcraft - The Mystery RevealedFord, Michael W.8.433B 06.12.2007
12.Night MagickWilliams, Philip D.2.158.589B 28.11.2007
13.Phosphorus - The Shadowing Forth of LuciferFord, Michael W.20.023B 12.03.2008
14.Shades of AlgolFord, Michael W.258.164B 15.08.2010
15.Vox Sabbatum: The Witches SabbatFord, Michael W.962.076B 10.12.2007
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