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1.Ancient Greek Love MagicFaraone, Christopher A.963.987B 21.05.2012
2.Ancient Magic and Ritual PowerMeyer, Marvin (ed.), Mirecki, Paul (ed.)31.548.843B 03.03.2011
3.Battling Demons – Witchcraft, Heresy, and Reform in the Late Middle AgesBailey, Michael D.7.228.028B 03.08.2010
4.Beyond the Witch TrialsDavies, Owen, Blécourt, Willem de1.207.688B 08.07.2012
5.Binding Words : Textual Amulets in the Middle AgesSkemer, Don C.10.622.876B 14.04.2012
6.Byzantine MagicMaguire, Henry (ed.)22.516.135B 07.11.2010
7.Dictionary of Angels : Including the Fallen AngelsDavidson, Gustav22.816.294B 06.09.2012
8.Greek Divination : A Study of Its Methods and PrinciplesHalliday, W. R.6.245.730B 18.05.2012
9.Grimoires – A History of Magic BooksDavies, Owen8.214.321B 03.08.2010
10.History of Magic and Experimental Science, vol. 1Thorndike, Lynn35.882.010B 03.01.2013
11.History of Magic and Experimental Science, vol. 2Thorndike, Lynn44.377.111B 03.01.2013
12.History of Magic and Experimental Science, vol. 3Thorndike, Lynn51.570.935B 03.01.2013
13.History of Magic and Experimental Science, vol. 4Thorndike, Lynn46.332.676B 03.01.2013
14.History of Magic and Experimental Science, vol. 5Thorndike, Lynn41.739.504B 03.01.2013
15.History of Magic and Experimental Science, vol. 6Thorndike, Lynn48.224.624B 03.01.2013
16.Jewish Magic and SuperstitionTrachtenberg, Joshua18.584.681B 17.08.2010
17.John Dee's Occultism: Magical Exaltation Through Powerful SignsSzõnyi, György E.11.817.065B 19.01.2014
18.Lives of the NecromancersGodwin, William499.956B 17.10.2007
19.Magic in Ancient EgyptPinch, Geraldine5.676.615B 10.06.2009
20.Magical Treasure Hunting in Europe and North AmericaDillinger, Johannes894.654B 19.01.2014
21.Martinist Tradition, The (volume 1)Cossey, Rene3.737.183B 21.06.2008
22.Nature of Magic, TheGreenwood, Susan2.516.640B 23.11.2007
23.Occult and Scientific Mentalities in the RenaissanceVickers, Brian (ed.)61.032.651B 28.12.2012
24.Polemical Encounters: Esoteric Discourse and Its Others ContentsHammer, Olav, Stuckrad, Kocku von1.169.588B 07.04.2012
25.Prayer, Magic, And The Stars In The Ancient And Late Antique WorldNoegel, Scott, Walker, Joel, Wheeler, Brannon12.424.573B 30.10.2011
26.Satanism, Magic and Mysticism in Fin-de-siècle FranceZiegler, Robert1.080.213B 08.07.2012
27.Spiritual & Demonic Magic: from Ficino to Campanella Walker, D. P.25.840.574B 15.09.2011
28.The Metamorphosis of Magic from Late Antiquity to the Early Modern PeriodBremmer, Jan N., Veenstra, Jan R.16.300.178B 18.05.2012
29.The Occult : A HistoryWilson, Colin2.877.031B 16.12.2010
30.The Speculum Astronomiae and its Enigma : Astrology, Theology and Science in Albertus Magnus and his ContemporariesZambelli, Paola10.028.407B 28.10.2012
31.The Varieties of Magical Experience: Indigenous, Medieval, and Modern MagicHume, Lynne L., Drury, Nevill1.764.052B 14.09.2014
32.Unlocked BooksLáng, Benedek2.773.650B 23.04.2010
33.Victorian Occultism and the Making of Modern Magic: Invoking TraditionButler, Alison L.10.973.851B 08.12.2012
34.Witchcraft and Magic in Europe, volume 4: The Period of the Witch TrialsAnkarloo, Bengt, Clark, Stuart12.696.383B 03.01.2013
35.Witchcraft and Magic in Europe, volume 5: The Eighteenth and Nineteenth CenturiesAnkarloo, Bengt, Clark, Stuart18.614.935B 03.01.2013
36.Witchcraft and Magic in Europe, volume 6: The Twentieth CenturyAnkarloo, Bengt, Clark, Stuart12.183.226B 03.01.2013
Books 1-36 out of 36