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1.Ancient Greek Love MagicFaraone, Christopher A.963.987B 21.05.2012
2.Ancient Magic and Ritual PowerMeyer, Marvin (ed.), Mirecki, Paul (ed.)31.548.843B 03.03.2011
3.Brief History of Ancient Astrology, ABeck, Roger1.418.229B 25.05.2008
4.Divination and Interpretation of Signs in the Ancient WorldAnnus, Amar (ed.)3.280.220B 18.05.2012
5.Egypt's Making: The Origins of Ancient Egypt 5000-2000 BCRice, Michael9.486.115B 28.12.2012
6.From Religion to Philosophy: A Study in the Origins of Western SpeculationCornford, Francis M.21.220.173B 25.09.2010
7.Greek Divination : A Study of Its Methods and PrinciplesHalliday, W. R.6.245.730B 18.05.2012
8.Guardians of the GateDeutsch, Nathaniel9.125.766B 06.05.2012
9.Numenius of Apamea - The Father of Neo-PlatonismGuthrie, Kenneth S.2.681.966B 14.08.2010
10.Orphism and Christianity in Late AntiquityHerrero De Jáuregui, Miguel3.660.185B 21.05.2012
11.Prayer, Magic, And The Stars In The Ancient And Late Antique WorldNoegel, Scott, Walker, Joel, Wheeler, Brannon12.424.573B 30.10.2011
12.Secret Societies of All Ages and Countries, TheHeckethorn, Charles William17.879.603B 09.01.2009
13.The Cults of Uruk and Babylon : The Temple Ritual Texts As Evidence for Hellenistic Cult PractisesLinssen, Marc J.H.18.764.493B 21.05.2012
Books 1-13 out of 13