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1.Bogomil Movement, TheAngelov, Dimiter26.020.680B 09.01.2008
2.Devil WorshipJoseph, Isya10.148.504B 28.08.2010
3.From Religion to Philosophy: A Study in the Origins of Western SpeculationCornford, Francis M.21.220.173B 25.09.2010
4.Magia Sexualis: Sex, Magic, and Liberation in Modern Western EsotericismUrban, Hugh B.1.711.690B 19.04.2013
5.Messiah before Jesus, TheKnohl, Israel7.512.727B 23.05.2008
6.Religion Of The EtruscansGrummond de, Nancy Thompson, Simon, Erika10.308.522B 17.12.2007
7.Religion, Magic, and Science in Early Modern Europe and AmericaCoudert, Allison3.571.060B 20.06.2013
8.The Alphabet of NatureHelmont, Franciscus Mercurius van, Coudert, Allison, Corse, Taylor3.350.671B 19.04.2013
9.The Biography of SatanGraves, Kersey3.407.850B 14.08.2010
10.The Cults of Uruk and Babylon : The Temple Ritual Texts As Evidence for Hellenistic Cult PractisesLinssen, Marc J.H.18.764.493B 21.05.2012
11.The Devil and Demonism Early Modern EnglandJohnstone, Nathan2.727.955B 28.12.2012
12.Yoruba-Speaking PeoplesEllis, A.B.481.165B 08.01.2008
Books 1-12 out of 12