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1.Art Magic or Mundane Sub-Mundane and Super-Mundane SpiritismBritten, Emma Hardinge35.402.957B 02.10.2011
2.Dealings with the Dead : The Human Soul, its Migrations and its TransmigrationsRandolph, Paschal Beverly17.370.713B 29.03.2012
3.Faerie Way, The (A Healing Journey to Other Worlds)Mynne, Hugh1.642.672B 05.11.2007
4.Heaven and HellKardec, Allan1.482.477B 25.05.2008
5.How to Summons The DeadKuriakos194.751B 14.04.2012
6.Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Path (short definition) 17.777B 06.04.2009
7.New Mola with SupplementRandolph, Paschal Beverly14.089.665B 29.03.2012
8.Nox UmbraFord, Michael W.1.022.449B 24.05.2008
9.Paschal Beverly Randolph : A Nineteenth-Century Black American Spiritualist, Rosicrucian and Sex MagicianDeveney, John Patrick62.200.726B 06.08.2010
10.Soul! The Soul World: The Homes of the DeadRandolph, Paschal Beverly42.613.417B 25.05.2013
11.Sufism - The Formative PeriodKaramustafa, Ahmed T.2.879.371B 30.11.2007
12.The Davenport Brothers, The World Renowned Spiritual Mediums: Their Biography, and Adventures in Europe and AmericaRandolph, Paschal Beverly42.245.117B 01.01.2013
13.The Wonderful Story of Ravalette : The Rosicrucian's StoryRandolph, Paschal Beverly36.823.582B 02.10.2011
14.Training to See AurasBruce, Robert585.435B 14.01.2008
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