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1.Alchemy - The Black ArtCherubim, David158.597B 07.04.2008
2.Amulets of Ancient EgyptAndrews, Carol13.320.619B 11.10.2012
3.Ancient Christian Magic: Coptic Texts of Ritual PowerMeyer, Marvin (ed.), Smith, Richard (ed.)32.442.879B 15.09.2011
4.Ancient Egyptian Pyramid TextsAllen, James P.4.644.248B 17.08.2012
5.Book of Am Tuat, TheBudge, Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis, Sir202.818B 23.09.2007
6.Book of Dead, The: The Papyrus of AniBudge, Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis, Sir1.191.509B 23.09.2007
7.Book of the Gates, The (with the Short Form of the Book Am-Tuat)Budge, Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis, Sir216.237B 12.06.2008
8.Crata RepoaFarrell, Nick900.673B 14.04.2012
9.Egypt's Making: The Origins of Ancient Egypt 5000-2000 BCRice, Michael9.486.115B 28.12.2012
10.Egyptian Heaven and Hell, TheWallis Budge, E. A.219.072B 26.08.2007
11.Egyptian Ideas of the Future LifeBudge, Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis, Sir159.086B 05.12.2007
12.Egyptian MagicBudge, Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis, Sir1.053.599B 05.12.2007
13.Egyptian MagickKuriakos179.436B 14.04.2012
14.Egyptian Myth and LegendMacKenzie, Donald465.975B 19.10.2007
15.Egyptian Myth: A Very Short IntroductionPinch, Geraldine3.372.423B 25.05.2008
16.Egyptian Mythology A to ZRemler, Pat8.965.627B 28.12.2012
17.Genesis in Egypt: The Philosophy of Ancient Egyptian Creation AccountsAllen, James P.4.192.847B 20.08.2012
18.Golden Dawn Rituals and Commentaries, Vol 2Zalewski, Pat1.995.239B 15.08.2010
19.HieroglyphicaHorapollon337.704B 14.08.2010
20.Legends of Babylon and EgyptKing, Leonard 326.861B 08.07.2008
21.Legends of the Egyptian GodsBudge, Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis, Sir82.573B 05.12.2007
22.Legends of the GodsWallis Budge, E. A.670.360B 26.08.2007
23.Lives of the NecromancersGodwin, William499.956B 17.10.2007
24.Magic in Ancient EgyptPinch, Geraldine5.676.615B 10.06.2009
25.Metaphysical symbols and their function in theurgyUzdavinys, Algis332.670B 19.08.2012
26.Routledge Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and GoddessesHart, George2.072.493B 20.08.2012
27.Serpent Power, TheFarr, Florence10.413.710B 10.01.2008
28.Seth - God of Confusion (A Study of His Role in Egyptian Mythology and Religion)te Velde, Henk39.973.904B 24.05.2008
29.SubRosa Issue4 (2006)Taylor, Greg (ed.)13.565.952B 03.03.2008
30.Temple in Man, The - Sacred Architecture and the Perfect ManSchwaller de Lubicz, R. A.2.702.947B 02.01.2008
31.The Egyptian Foundations of Gnostic ThoughtMcBride, Daniel R.3.505.548B 14.08.2010
32.The Mechanics of Ancient Egyptian Magical PracticeRitner, Robert K.21.834.428B 14.08.2010
33.The Mystery and Prophecy of the Great PyramidKnight, Charles S.6.070.250B 25.09.2010
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