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1.Abraxas: Knowledge of the WatersEvola, Julius50.463B 15.08.2010
2.Becoming MagicHawkins, Jaq55.613B 18.03.2008
3.Book of Pleasure (Self-love)Spare, Austin Osman108.418B 10.03.2008
4.Cauldron of Subservience, TheHawkins, Jaq81.851B 31.12.2007
5.Charlatan and The Magus, TheDukes, Ramsey65.804B 17.11.2007
6.Collected Essays on Austin Osman Spare 3.481.154B 25.05.2008
7.Dangerous AscentsDeutsch, Nathaniel439.045B 14.08.2010
8.Demonologia, noiembrie 1992Raz, Uri, Roe, Anthony563.493B 14.08.2010
9.Do We Live in a Gynaecocratic SocietyEvola, Julius26.544B 20.02.2008
10.Enlightenment and Freemasonry in Eighteenth-century VeniceGranziera, Patrizia2.352.799B 14.08.2010
11.Fade to Grey-Chaos and MediocrityMonday, Rex11.439B 11.01.2008
12.Freedom is a Two-edged SwordParsons, Jack94.208B 29.07.2008
13.Hitler And The Secret SocietiesEvola, Julius296.211B 29.01.2008
14.Howlings from the Pit (Volume II Number 1)Lisiewski, Joseph C.447.770B 12.11.2008
15.Iconic Visualization and the Imaginal Body of GodWolfson, Elliot R.5.181.188B 23.04.2012
16.Journey into DarknessHawkins, Jaq53.666B 21.12.2007
17.Liber ConjunctusNigris, Frater32.821B 05.03.2008
18.Love under Will - Sexuality Magic & LiberationHine, Phil32.754B 22.02.2008
19.Lovecraft - Against the World, Against the LifeLovecraft, Howard Phillips, Houllebecq, Michel194.100B 06.11.2008
20.Low Magick: It's All In Your Head ... You Just Have No Idea How Big Your Head IsDuQuette, Lon Milo12.103.081B 15.09.2014
21.Making Magic (Religion, Magic in Modern World)Styers, Randall G.1.328.705B 12.05.2009
22.Medieval Jewish Influences on Renaissance Concepts of Harmonia MundiDan, Joseph1.128.103B 14.08.2010
23.Metaphysical symbols and their function in theurgyUzdavinys, Algis332.670B 19.08.2012
24.Notes On Writing Weird Fiction (Essay)Lovecraft, Howard Phillips17.813B 06.11.2008
25.Parts of the Soul - A Greek System of ChakrasOpsopaus, John20.523B 04.04.2008
26.Proclus' Attitude to TheurgySheppard, Anne316.576B 14.08.2010
27.Putting on the Form of the Gods: Sacramental Theurgy in NeoplatonismUzdavinys, Algis74.703B 19.08.2012
28.Real Meaning of Initiations, TheHawkins, Jaq50.418B 31.03.2008
29.Red Planet Arrives, TheGozaknee, Tanranin Uhcheek Fra.760.025B 05.06.2008
30.Standing Stones as Strange AttractorsHawkins, Jaq53.726B 26.03.2008
31.Supernatural Horror in LiteratureLovecraft, Howard Phillips172.725B 28.04.2009
32.The H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society Fan Survey 1.597.292B 15.08.2010
33.The Mercurian Master: Hermes' Gift to the Theosophical SocietyFrench, Brendan2.567.477B 14.08.2010
34.Towards a Definition of InitiationKupperman, Jeffrey S.123.998B 27.11.2008
35.Tyranny of Print, TheHine, Phil41.812B 17.11.2007
36.Various EssaysWolfson, Elliot R.10.520.879B 16.08.2010
37.Voices of the Fire: Understanding theurgyUzdavinys, Algis214.639B 19.08.2012
38.Wishing Well or Releasing The Buterfly, TheChoronzon, Frater68.975B 20.12.2007
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