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1.Afterlife of the Platonic Soul, TheDillon, John M., Elkaisy-Friemuth, Maha1.035.961B 24.04.2010
2.Connections and SymbolsPinker, Steven (ed.), Mehler, Jacques (ed.)59.598.487B 01.08.2008
3.Consciousness In Four Dimensions-Biological Relativity and the Origins of ThoughtPico, Richard M.30.741.907B 18.04.2008
4.Cross-Train Your Brain - A Mental Fitness Program for Maximizing Creativity and Achieving SuccessEiffert, Stephen D.1.616.110B 06.08.2008
5.Demonic Texts and Textual DemonsMäryä, Frans I.1.547.639B 14.08.2010
6.Journal of the Society for Psychical Research (vol. 3) 44.761.698B 08.04.2008
7.Journal of the Society for Psychical Research (vol. 4) 43.769.997B 08.04.2008
8.Journal of the Society for Psychical Research (vol. 5) 46.845.810B 28.07.2008
9.Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Path (short definition) 17.777B 06.04.2009
10.Magic and the Mind: Mechanisms, Functions, and Development of Magical Thinking and BehaviorSubbotsky, Eugene1.334.030B 20.08.2013
11.Making Up the Mind - How the Brain Creates Our Mental WorldFrith, Chris4.117.509B 21.05.2008
12.Origin of Satan, The - How Christians Demonized Jews, Pagans, and HereticsPagels, Elaine1.177.824B 27.07.2008
13.Principles of Psychology Vol. I, TheJames, William3.043.210B 19.02.2008
14.Psychological Types, TheJung, Carl Gustav177.732B 15.02.2008
15.Psychology of Beauty, ThePuffer, Ethel D.299.047B 21.04.2008
16.Psychology of Risk Mastering Market Uncertainty, TheKiev, Ari760.265B 15.04.2008
17.Repair of the Soul: Metaphors of Transformation in Jewish Mysticism and Psychoanalysis Starr, Karen E.2.161.324B 23.04.2012
18.Self AnalysisHorney, Karen988.105B 15.05.2008
19.Start Your Own ReligionLeary, Timothy226.238B 14.04.2009
20.Theory of Human Motivation, AMaslow, A. H.78.180B 29.02.2008
21.Way Of The Shaman, TheHarner, Michael88.920.158B 14.05.2008
22.What is Hypnotic TranseStark, Todd I.502.853B 16.05.2008
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