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1.101 Contradiction In The Bible 80.608B 03.09.2007
2.138 Openings of WisdomLuzzato, Moshe Ch., aka Ramchal2.509.613B 15.08.2010
3.3-Commentary on Circle CastingFord, Michael W.5.517B 11.01.2008
4.Aleister Crowley & The 20th Century in MagickEvans, Dave55.973B 07.09.2007
5.Art and Meaning of Magic, TheRegardie, Israel506.031B 15.11.2007
6.Basics of Magick, TheAmber, K.89.252B 07.09.2007
7.Becoming MagicHawkins, Jaq55.613B 18.03.2008
8.Beginners Guide to CrowleyJulianus, Frater49.250B 28.08.2007
9.Collected Fruits of Occult TeachingSinnet, A. P.15.356.099B 07.01.2009
10.Concept of InitiationEvola, Julius137.632B 10.08.2012
11.Crisis of the Modern WorldGuenon, Rene1.614.179B 10.08.2012
12.Kaos 14Biroco, Joel3.394.883B 07.09.2007
13.Liber AlbaCrowley, Amado507.013B 25.08.2007
14.Machinery of the Mind, TheFortune, Dion252.711B 25.08.2007
15.Magick in Theory & PracticeCrowley, Aleister705.140B 25.08.2007
16.Making Magic (Religion, Magic in Modern World)Styers, Randall G.1.328.705B 12.05.2009
17.Mass Psychology of Fascism, TheReich, Wilhelm888.740B 13.11.2007
18.Mystery of the Seven Vowels, The: In Theory and PracticeGodwin, Joscelyn4.678.008B 22.06.2008
19.Nature of Magic, TheGreenwood, Susan2.516.640B 23.11.2007
20.Perspectives on InitiationGuenon, Rene9.491.024B 10.08.2012
21.Real Meaning of Initiations, TheHawkins, Jaq50.418B 31.03.2008
22.S.S.O.T.B.M.E. Revised - An Essay on MagicDukes, Ramsey631.099B 14.08.2010
23.Sex Secrets Of The Black Magicians ExposedDukes, Ramsey634.330B 25.08.2007
24.Sound and Color Case, Paul Foster1.288.855B 22.11.2007
25.Studies in OccultismBlavatsky, Helena P.418.625B 25.08.2007
26.Supernatural Horror in LiteratureLovecraft, Howard Phillips172.725B 28.04.2009
27.Techniques of High MagicKing, Francis, Skinner, Stephen1.838.960B 28.04.2009
28.The Egyptian RevivalAchad, Frater258.455B 24.09.2007
29.The Hermetic Fragment Kore Kosmou the Virgin of the WorldKingsford, Anna B., Maitland, Edward108.241B 15.08.2010
30.Towards a Definition of InitiationKupperman, Jeffrey S.123.998B 27.11.2008
31.True History Of Chaos Magick -So Far..., The 41.472B 16.11.2007
32.Weird Ways of WitchcraftMartello, Leo L., Dr.2.396.038B 18.02.2008
33.Why Mrs. Blake Cried: Swedenborg, Blake and the Sexual Basis of Spiritual VisionSchuchard, Marsha Keith792.787B 27.08.2007
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