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1.Arts and the OccultBertiaux, Michael356.326B 27.08.2007
2.At the Back of the Black Man's MindDennett, R. E.969.529B 20.11.2007
3.Black Magic - Religion and the African American Conjuring TraditionChireau, Yvonne P.1.278.183B 03.08.2010
4.Cord of Blood-Possession and the Making of VoodooLovell, Nadia1.487.478B 12.11.2007
5.Cosmic MeditationBertiaux, Michael6.714.024B 28.01.2008
6.Cults of the ShadowGrant, Kenneth36.646.912B 01.11.2007
7.Development of MediumshipWillis, Courtney985.414B 30.05.2008
8.Famous Voodoo Rituals & SpellsLampe, H. U.33.599.883B 07.08.2010
9.Guide to Serving the Seven African PowersAlvarado, Denise3.867.211B 06.09.2012
10.Hecate's FountainGrant, Kenneth10.827.469B 03.04.2009
11.Introduction to VoudootronicsLafargue, Paul245.198B 16.08.2010
12.Kenneth Grant and the Merovingian MythosMoore, Vadge231.424B 25.09.2007
13.Last of the Voudoos, TheHearn, Lafcadio13.184B 20.11.2007
14.Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Path (short definition) 17.777B 06.04.2009
15.Modern SuperstitionHearn, Lafcadio9.071B 14.01.2008
16.Myths of IfeWyndham, John150.394B 29.01.2008
17.New Orleans SuperstitionHearn, Lafcadio19.507B 20.11.2007
18.Nightside of EdenGrant, Kenneth14.015.563B 25.09.2007
19.Outer GatewaysGrant, Kenneth7.612.715B 17.03.2009
20.Psychic Phenomena Of JamaicaWilliams, Joseph J.872.864B 22.08.2007
21.Snake Wand and The Darker StrainGrant, Kenneth119.801.485B 03.04.2009
22.The Spider and the Green ButterlfyKoetting, E. A., Baron DePrince879.551B 03.02.2012
23.The Voodoo Hoodoo SpellbookAlvarado, Denise5.158.551B 03.08.2010
24.Urban Voodoo : A Beginner's Guide to Afro-Caribbean MagicHyatt, Christopher S., Black, Jason10.828.651B 07.11.2010
25.Ve-Ve – Ritual Voodoo DiagramsRigaud, Milo37.023.806B 03.08.2010
26.Vodou in Haitian Life and Culture Invisible PowersMichel, Claudine, Bellegarde-Smith, Patrick3.189.742B 01.11.2007
27.Voodoo Dolls in Magick and RitualAlvarado, Denise12.978.151B 03.08.2010
28.Voodoos and ObeahsWilliams, Joseph J.872.960B 22.08.2007
29.Voudon-Gnostic Workbook, TheBertiaux, Michael83.551.285B 22.08.2007
30.Voudon-Gnostic Workbook, The (Voudon Appendix, Pictures from VGW etc.)Bertiaux, Michael2.336.567B 24.04.2009
31.Waters of Return - The Aeonic Flow of VoudooMartinié, Louis1.106.275B 01.11.2007
32.Weird Ways of WitchcraftMartello, Leo L., Dr.2.396.038B 18.02.2008
33.Yellow Book Of Mentalism, TheGoldstein, Phil897.977B 13.09.2007
34.Yoruba-Speaking PeoplesEllis, A.B.481.165B 08.01.2008
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