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Books 1-16 out of 16
1.A.O.S. - Artist, Occultist, SensualistBalance, Jhonn (John, J.)3.648.519B 09.08.2008
2.Anathema of ZosSpare, Austin Osman207.935B 22.08.2007
3.Book of Pleasure (Self-love)Spare, Austin Osman108.418B 10.03.2008
4.Book of Pleasure - The Psychology of EcstasySpare, Austin Osman94.686B 23.08.2007
5.Book of Pleasure, The - The Psychology of Extasy (reedited)Spare, Austin Osman100.825B 10.10.2007
6.Book of Satyrs, ASpare, Austin Osman1.443.346B 22.08.2007
7.Collected Essays on Austin Osman Spare 3.481.154B 25.05.2008
8.Earth InfernoSpare, Austin Osman5.486.575B 29.05.2008
9.EthosSpare, Austin Osman58.159.139B 31.08.2011
10.Focus of Life, TheSpare, Austin Osman1.549.070B 23.08.2007
11.Introduction To The Book Of PleasureGrant, Kenneth165.640B 08.12.2008
12.Logomachy of Zos, TheSpare, Austin Osman521.537B 22.08.2007
13.Macedonian LecturesNema, Northern Path45.514.829B 20.01.2008
14.Zoetic Grimoire of Zos, TheSpare, Austin Osman327.310B 22.08.2007
15.Zos Kia SigilSpare, Austin Osman, Semple, Gavin124.318B 03.06.2008
16.Zos-Kia: An Introductory Essay on the Art and Sorcery of Austin Osman Spare Spare, Austin Osman, Semple, Gavin5.352.364B 01.11.2007
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