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Books 1-8 out of 8
1.Cauldron of Subservience, TheHawkins, Jaq81.851B 31.12.2007
2.Charlatan and The Magus, TheDukes, Ramsey65.804B 17.11.2007
3.Journey into DarknessHawkins, Jaq53.666B 21.12.2007
4.Love under Will - Sexuality Magic & LiberationHine, Phil32.754B 22.02.2008
5.Red Planet Arrives, TheGozaknee, Tanranin Uhcheek Fra.760.025B 05.06.2008
6.Standing Stones as Strange AttractorsHawkins, Jaq53.726B 26.03.2008
7.Tyranny of Print, TheHine, Phil41.812B 17.11.2007
8.Wishing Well or Releasing The Buterfly, TheChoronzon, Frater68.975B 20.12.2007
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