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Books 1-6 out of 6
1.Ambivalence toward Christianity in the Kabbalah of Abraham AbulafiaSagerman, Robert3.668.138B 02.03.2011
2.Descenders to the Chariot, the People Behind the Hekhalot LiteratureDavila, James R.15.964.600B 07.11.2010
3.Dictionary of Angels : Including the Fallen AngelsDavidson, Gustav22.816.294B 06.09.2012
4.From Metaphysics to MidrashMagid, Shaul6.391.634B 24.04.2010
5.Kabbalah in Italy, 1280-1510: A SurveyIdel, Moshe4.711.495B 24.10.2011
6.Western Esotericism: A Brief History of Secret KnowledgeStuckrad, Kocku von7.920.149B 19.04.2012
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