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Books 1-8 out of 8
1.Ancient Egyptian Pyramid TextsAllen, James P.4.644.248B 17.08.2012
2.Demonology Guide 369.309B 24.03.2009
3.Genesis in Egypt: The Philosophy of Ancient Egyptian Creation AccountsAllen, James P.4.192.847B 20.08.2012
4.Mystery Religions of the Ancient WorldGodwin, Joscelyn64.725.137B 21.12.2010
5.Religion Of The EtruscansGrummond de, Nancy Thompson, Simon, Erika10.308.522B 17.12.2007
6.Roles of the Northern GoddessDavidson, Hilda Ellis3.873.015B 21.05.2012
7.The Cults of Uruk and Babylon : The Temple Ritual Texts As Evidence for Hellenistic Cult PractisesLinssen, Marc J.H.18.764.493B 21.05.2012
8.Tree of Souls: The Mythology of JudaismSchwartz, Howard6.951.740B 21.04.2012
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