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Books 1-6 out of 6
1.Cromlech Temple Aura Paper no. 7 (Life, healt and disease)ŠMŠ, Frater25.640B 25.12.2008
2.History Power Of The MindIngalese, Richard295.543B 23.03.2009
3.Human AuraPanchadasi, Swami1.909.704B 14.08.2010
4.On The Diseases Of The Aura (Cromlech Temple Aura Paper 25)Cromlech Temple30.490B 24.04.2009
5.Psychic Power SecretsMind Power Corp.900.108B 13.01.2009
6.Training to See AurasBruce, Robert585.435B 14.01.2008
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