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Books 1-28 out of 28
1.1-The Binding of ShadowsFord, Michael W.8.002B 09.01.2008
2.Adamu - Luciferian Tantra and Sex MagickFord, Michael W.5.324.254B 09.06.2008
3.Baphomantis Luciferian-Satanic Mass 11.327B 01.02.2008
4.Chaos Magick and LuciferismFord, Michael W.27.126B 08.01.2008
5.Cromlech Temple Aura Paper no. 7 (Life, healt and disease)ŠMŠ, Frater25.640B 25.12.2008
6.Dark Forces WordsHagur2.279.190B 14.08.2010
7.Embracing the Dark - The Magic Order of Dragon Rouge (Its Practice in Dark Magic and Meaning Making)Granholm, Kennet4.534.669B 31.10.2007
8.Knowledge of the SymbolEvola, Julius, Negri, Pietro78.480B 26.03.2008
9.Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Path (short definition) 17.777B 06.04.2009
10.Letter from a LucifereanMonday, Rex18.064B 01.02.2008
11.Livri Luciferius - The Book Of LuciferShakur, Ben80.775B 01.02.2008
12.Luciferian Fallen Angel WorshipWarren, Lee86.866B 14.08.2010
13.Luciferian GoetiaFord, Michael W.2.373.850B 01.02.2008
14.Luciferian Initiation - Via NocturneFord, Michael W.5.784B 01.02.2008
15.Luciferian Path & the Witches SabbatFord, Michael W.762.394B 01.02.2008
16.Luciferian SorceryFord, Michael W.610.912B 26.11.2007
17.Luciferian Sorcery and Set-TyphonFord, Michael W.26.211B 26.11.2007
18.Luciferian Witchcraft - An IntroductionFord, Michael W.13.403B 06.12.2007
19.Luciferian Witchcraft - The Mystery RevealedFord, Michael W.8.433B 06.12.2007
20.Phosphorus - The Shadowing Forth of LuciferFord, Michael W.20.023B 12.03.2008
21.Queen of HellSmith, Mark Alan32.577.416B 14.09.2014
22.Satanic Magick - A Paradigm of TherionFord, Michael W.8.232.021B 14.08.2010
23.Seven Scrolls-Children of the Black RoseLeved, Nate143.483B 07.03.2008
24.Shades of AlgolFord, Michael W.258.164B 15.08.2010
25.The Red KingSmith, Mark Alan50.362.257B 14.09.2014
26.Vampire Gate, TheFord, Michael W.982.297B 24.05.2008
27.Vox Sabbatum: The Witches SabbatFord, Michael W.962.076B 10.12.2007
28.Wake of the Red DeathFord, Michael W.8.163B 12.03.2008
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