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Books 1-9 out of 9
1.Guide to the Norse Gods and Their NamesVikernes, Varg154.805B 25.08.2008
2.Nine Worlds of Seid-MagicBlain, Jenny1.251.838B 09.04.2009
3.Nordic ShamanismKodratoff, Yves62.324B 03.04.2008
4.Poetic Edda, Part. ISæmund, (The Learned), Thorpe, Benjamin467.872B 03.03.2008
5.Poetic Edda, Part.2Sæmund, (The Learned), Thorpe, Benjamin421.197B 06.03.2008
6.Prose Edda (part 1)Sturleson, Snorre, Anderson, Rasmus B., Hvitaskald, Olaf269.825B 11.03.2008
7.Prose Edda (part 2)Sturleson, Snorre, Anderson, Rasmus B., Hvitaskald, Olaf683.247B 12.03.2008
8.Seeds of the World TreeNorthern Path1.044.454B 02.04.2008
9.Tree Cults in Northern MagicErikkson, Tommie21.243B 02.04.2008
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