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Books 1-6 out of 6
1.Ancient Magic and Ritual PowerMeyer, Marvin (ed.), Mirecki, Paul (ed.)31.548.843B 03.03.2011
2.Myth and Ritual in the Ancient Near East: An Archaeological and Documentary StudyJames, Edwin Oliver13.020.847B 28.12.2012
3.Orphism and Christianity in Late AntiquityHerrero De Jáuregui, Miguel3.660.185B 21.05.2012
4.Prayer, Magic, And The Stars In The Ancient And Late Antique WorldNoegel, Scott, Walker, Joel, Wheeler, Brannon12.424.573B 30.10.2011
5.Religions in antiquity: Essays in memory of Erwin Ramsdell Goodenough Neusner, Jacob26.090.554B 25.09.2010
6.The Myth of Sacred Prostitution in AntiquityBudin, Stephanie3.100.136B 19.08.2010
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